Adwords are the easiest way to get a quick result.  Most people haven't got a clue how to use them properly but with a few rules they can be a highly effective method to get potential customers to your site.

First we are going to get rid of the blanket approach and make sure we are only getting our ad in front of qualified users.

Open up a text editor and do the following:

  1. Avoid single keywords
  2. Create phrases of keywords each on a new line
  3. Create any relevant permutations of these phrases on a new line and put double quotes "" around them e.g. "build your own website"

Now, group several phrases together that have similar keywords.  We're not just creating one ad here.  You should create at least two ads and ideally three or more.  The idea here is that we can see which ads are performing the best.  Each group will end up as a single ad, so think in terms of what keywords are applicable for each ad headline and ad text.  Grouping these keyword phrases into separate ads allows us to streamline the entire process into highly qualified users, low cost per click and high ranking.

The next step to streamlining the process is to link each ad to their own page on your site.  The page the ad links to should have the keywords in it.  In this way we have keyword phrases that are relevant to their ad, particularly the ad headline and the ad linked through to a relevant page.  This is all very similar to the strategy described on the next page.  Have a look there for ensuring your pages are optimised for particular keywords.

Next create a list of negative keywords.  These are useful if there are irrelevant keywords that are frequently used with your keywords.  For example I wouldn't want my ad to come up if someone search for 'site surveyor' since they would be looking for something to do with building.  In this case my negative keyword is 'surveyor'.

We are now ready to create our ads.

  1. Go to:
  2. If you haven't got a Google account you will need to create one as you sign up for Adwords