What do you need your website to do for you?

Hi, it's Oliver Polden. You may have met me recently at a conference or seminar in which case it was a pleasure to meet you and you're probably after www.onlinemagnetism.com!

Feel free to browse this site, I've opened up everything for free now so I hope you can find lots that is useful for you. You can contact me through either this site or through Online Magnetism.

This site is about setting up your own website which is a lot less daunting now than it used to be. However what I realised is that what I think is extremely easy to do, others simply don't have the time to learn let alone do it. What I think is more valuable is for me to set up a site and then teach you about the most important part which is realising the full potential of your online presence. This is what Online Magnetism is about... attracting great visitors to your site and converting them to valued customers. This is what I am passionate about, not teaching people how to build sites, but how to get the most out of them.

And now, the original content of this site:

You no longer need to be a programmer to create a professional and highly effective site.

Using the right tools it is easy for you to create the website your business needs.

Learn to use the tools and take control of your online presence.

Learn how to create advanced brochureware sites
Learn how to create eCommerce sites
Show off your work effortlessly with thumbnails & zooming.