About me

My name is Oliver Polden. Drupal Association Individual Member

In 2002 I began a Degree in Business Information Technology at Kingston University Business School.

In 2004 I took a year out in industry for a Corporate and Investment bank and built several systems on Microsoft technology that integrated into their intranet to increase their efficiency.  That same year I developed an interest in Linux and Open Source software. I now use Linux (Kubuntu) exclusively at home and at work and never buy commercial software.

In 2006 I was awarded an Honours Degree in Business Information Technology from Kingston University.

In 2007 I worked for a small web development agency who had build their own custom Content Management System.  I grew tired of that job because we were building basic functionality again and again.  Finally it ocurred to me that Open Source shouldn't just exist as desktop applications but also as web software.  So I searched for Open Source Content Management Systems and came across opensourcecms.com. I tried several of the highest ranking CMSs and settled on Joomla.  However, after I while I found it difficult to get it to do exactly what I wanted.  I then tried Drupal.  The rest is history. 

I have a passion for online business and love helping others build online businesses for themselves. There are many aspects that make online business such a fascinating and rewarding profession, something I hope to share with you.

I wholeheartedly believe that Drupal is 'THE' best content management system. At the end of 2007 I put my money where my mouth is and I now specialize as a Drupal developer working for a company who are leaders in the world of online business and marketing. Drupal allows us to efficiently create advanced websites by using Drupal add-ons or Modules.

Today, Drupal is an award winning and highly regarded Content Management System which runs hundreds of sites worldwide, a significant proportion of which are high profile sites such as The Whitehouse.

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