Brochure sites

Brochure sites are usually quite simple but it is important to set them up correctly for SEO purposes and for user journeys - designing the route your users take through your site to your final goal. 

Brochure sites are designed to be found easily on the internet and tell users about your business.  Having the site structured correctly greatly improves your rankings in search engines and can also drastically reduce the cost of Pay Per Click advertising.  You can often reduce the cost of a click from 25p to 4p and frequently from 50p down to around 8p.  You can find out more about Pay Per Click advertising with Adwords under Promoting your site.

Once a user is on your website you need to ensure they move seamlessly through to your goal. There are many possible goals such as:

  • Capturing their contact details
  • Downloading a report
  • Filling out a survey
  • Enrolling for an event

Let's get started with the foundations.