Installing Drupal

Before you continue, check that Drupal has finished uploading in FileZilla.  (If you haven't uploaded Drupal, please see Uploading files). Once Drupal has finished uploading we need to install it. 

A preview address was set up when you created your hosting. You can use this address to access your site without a domain name.  You can find the preview address in 'Hosting' in 'My account' along with other details you need to install Drupal. 

When you go to the preview address Drupal will take you to the installation page.

Choose 'Install Drupal in English'

The next screen should be 'Database configuration' if it's not then you probably didn't copy default.settings.php to settings.php in /sites/default as outlined in Uploading files.

Enter all the details including 'Advanced options' according to your 'Hosting' page.  You do not need to enter a table prefix.

Submit the details and Drupal will install itself.

Once installed, you will see a page with various details that you can choose. Enter all the details for your site and select 'Clean URLs'. It is good to create an admin user and then create a normal user for yourself so that when you are editing your site you don't get overwhelmed by the admin options.  There is more about users in 'Using your site' but for now you can go on to Drupal Modules.