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You are seconds away from building your very own site.  So what do you get?

  • Hosting for your site - All websites need to have a server with the correct setup to run.
  • Database - CMS (Content Management System) Driven websites require a database to hold all the information.
  • Access to tutorials that show you step by step how to achieve results that are as good, if not way better than most of the sites out there.
    • Not all tutorials are directly aimed at Drupal.  There are tutorials on Search Engine Optimisation, making the best of your Pay Per Click advertising, Setting up site statistics, improving your page rank, driving traffic to your site and lots more.  Just remember, my background is in Business too!
  • I am continually adding tutorials for my customers.  If there's a tutorial you need that doesn't exist, I will create it for you.
  • My support, advice, expertise and knowledge at the end of the phone line and/or email.
    • I am passionate about online business and love taking an interest in my clients' businesses to help them make the most.

Once you have created your site, I will even show you how to back it up and move it to another hosting environment.  It's all part of teaching you about websites, but it means that you are not tied to using my hosting.  I would hope that you are so delighted by the service I provide that you find me invaluable.

All the best.


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