Setting up imagecache

The imagecache module will automatically resize images and then save them for the next time they are requested.  With HTML it is possible to display an original file in any dimensions.  This means that a small thumbnail could actually have a large filesize and take a long time to load.  Imagecache will take that large image and automatically resize it down to a small filesize with the correct dimensions.

  1. Download ‎ImageCache‎ and enable imagecache and imagecache_ui.
  2. Go to: Site building > ImagaCache
  3. Click 'Add new preset'
  4. Enter a name e.g. thumbnail
  5. Click on 'Add Scale And Crop' (I almost always use this action because it allows all images to conform to the same dimensions)
  6. Enter a width of 160x100 (Which will give us a golden ratio)

You can now use this image size throughout your site.